We aim to help clients effectively and efficiently communicate with the people who need to know about them. Our approach is friendly and direct and we won’t try to baffle you with PR jargon. You know who your customers are and we can help you reach more of them.

We offer a wide range of skills and experiences and can draw on other trusted suppliers to compliment our services should you require additional support.

Strategic communication planning

Effective communication starts with a plan that takes account of your budget, time constraints, existing communication platforms and marketing tools. We can work with you to agree who needs to know what, when and how and can either carry those plans forward for you, work alongside your existing team to deliver communication or offer training and support to your team so that they can implement plans in-house.

Media liaison

We have a wealth of experience of consumer-facing and business to business media liaison across national, regional, local and online media channels. We understand the importance of direct communication and advocate getting to know the publications and journalists most likely to cover your news and developments personally. With a friendly and direct approach, tailored to individual journalists, you will achieve better results and build stronger sustainable relationships.

Social media engagement

It is impossible to ignore the opportunities that social media platforms offer your business or organisation but with so many available it can be tricky to decide which to focus on. We can advise on, establish and manage a wide range of social media platforms and help you effectively engage directly with customers and clients. We also offer training and support should you wish to manage things in-house.

Project and event management | Product and service launches

We have extensive experience and expertise in organising and running projects and events including product launches, press briefings and client-facing special events and conferences. We can help tell your story from conception to launch and ensure the right mix of media hears about you.

Reputation and crisis management

We can advise on and manage crisis PR plans and ensure that your reputation management plans are robust and effective.

Copywriting for print and web

We are experienced copywriters with a knack for quickly understanding your in-house style. We can write for a wide range of media as well as social media platforms, websites and blogs.

Stakeholder communications

It is as important to effectively communicate with your existing customers, clients and investors as it is to reach new ones. We can help manage your full range of customer communications including e-newsletters, annual reports, marketing materials and websites.