Resolutely positive


As January draws to close we are determined to become more positive about keeping on top of our own promotional activity and using social media more regularly to shout about our clients’ news and our own successes. But it’s easier said than done.

Clare and I are lucky to work for some brilliant and inspiring organisations that keep us constantly busy – if we’re not disseminating information, we’re planning the next tranche of news so there is little time to think about our own website or social media accounts. But lack of time is really no excuse – this year we must make time and use it well.

We tell clients that their website is their virtual shop window. It should be frequently tweaked and regularly updated – seasonal relevance is all-important in this quickly changing media environment. Social media accounts are as important – we recommend one Facebook post a day and a schedule of tweets throughout the day with regular ‘live tweeting’ and replies to comments and mentions. We also fully recommend Instagram for many of our clients – the visual platform is a perfect way to promote the goodies in your virtual ‘shop window’. With more global users than Twitter, it is now a major player in the social media mix.

But it takes time to realise that those skills valued by clients could also be used to promote yourself. The role of a PR is to be immersed in the world of a client – constantly planning new ways to present their activities to the wider world and finding ways to target potential customers and clients. It can be very difficult to turn that scrutiny on your own activities and even harder to find your own ‘voice’.

So, as we move into February we’re looking ahead to spring with renewed hope that we can start to become more confident in our own communications. We have over 30 years experience; you’d think we’d be brave enough by now!

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