Happy National Freelancers Day

To celebrate National Freelancers Day, we thought we would share the latest productivity app we are trialling this week. We learned about it from the good people at Team Two Bees and decided to give it a whirl. With its simple design and ease of use we have high hopes for its ability to revolutionise the way we work!

toggl_logoEssentially toggl is an online timesheet – something that freelancers are all too familiar with grappling with. But how many of us ever stick to them and therefore really know how much time we spend on each task? And how is it possible to successfully track tasks when we flit between them so frequently?


We employ several ways of time-keeping here at Bloom:

  • the good old fashioned pen and ink list is a must
  • locally saved Excel spreadsheets can be time-consuming but essential for auditing purposes
  • shared online Google Drive sheets are great for up-to-date team working
  • and when it comes to calculating billable hours at the end of each month, the inevitable trawl through emails to remember what we’ve been up to is invaluable!

But no more…with the help of Toggl, we’re looking forward to easy to read activity charts which can be translated directly into client spreadsheets!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 15.06.37

Of course, any online app or tool is only as good as the person operating it and this one begs the obvious question: How are you going to remember to track each task? But toggl has thought of this too – the app has been designed for freelancers and project workers with little free time and several clients to keep tabs on. If you forget to stop a task before leaving your desk, the app recognises when your screen switches to idle mode and tracks that time automatically. On return a pop-up will ask whether you would like to discard that time and carry on. Similarly the app recognises when you are working but have not started the timer on a particular task – a pop-up reminds you to track your time.

This won’t be the perfect solution to becoming 100% efficient and super-organised but it will, we hope, focus our minds on the task in hand, help us to tackle one thing at a time, and save us and our clients time in the long-run.

So, Happy National Freelancers Day, and do let us know if you download toggl and it changes your life too!